Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Saftey Story

Once there was girl named Terry. She liked to go to the internet a lot. She was shy at school but when she went to the internet she wrote lots of stuff to different people. Once she was talking to a guy "her age" and he said "We should meet some time"
She wrote "Ok"
He wrote "\Tomorrow at nine in the alley behind the Taco Bell"
She wrote "Ok I'll be there"
After that she closed her laptop and got ready for bed. She was so excited that she was finally going to meet him.
   The next day she waited until nine. She snuck out of her house and goes to the alley behind taco bell. She waits there for ten minutes and decides to go home, but then a guy dressed in a black hoodie. He said "Are you Terry"
"Why"said Terry
"Because my son wants to talk to you" said the guy in the hoodie.
"Where is he at" she said
"He's at our house get in my car I'll take you" he said.
    They were getting in the car when the guy offered her a drink.She said "Ok"after a few minutes she started to feel dizzy. She couldn't move. She couldn't talk. She couldn't do anything.She blacked out.
    The next day her parents were looking for her everywhere.They looked at all her friends house. All of their family members that lived near by. They went into her room her laptop was on the floor. They looked in it and found she was talking to a guy her age last. She sent a message saying " Have you seen my daughter". There was no reply. She sent it to all Terry's friends that same message.All of them answered that they don't know.
    They never found there daughter.
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  1. Jose your story is so amazing that I liked the part where Terry was gone missing.

  2. I like your story, its informational on why you shouldn't meet people you don't know in the alley or go any where to meet someone you know only by internet.


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