Friday, September 2, 2011

My Methodology : Water Vs. Gatorade

Here are my procedures:
1. Gather all material
2. Make observation such as finding the textures, and finding the mass.Then record the data.
3. Find a question.
4. Form a hypothesis/ record data.
5. Take a paper towel, and get it wet with water.
6. Wrap the beans in the paper towel, and let it sit for two days.
7. When the two days are over you get 2 cups and soil. 
8. You put half an inch of soil in each cup.
9. Then put 1 bean in each cup.
10. After that put 1 inch of soil on each cup.
11.Get water and pour some in the  beaker until you get to 10 mm.
12. Get Gatorade and pour some in the beaker until it gets to 10mm.
13. Pour the water in the cup.
14. Pour the Gatorade in the other cup.
15. Mark one of the cups so you know which one is water or Gatorade.
16. Record data.
17.Each day we'll check on the beans.
18. Write down how much it has grown.
19.At the end write down the results.
20. Compare the size.
21. Show your experiment.

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